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2018 nfc south division champions mug
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Remember when everyone said the Bears would be lucky to win three games this year? How about sitting on top of a very winnable NFC North for the first half of the season? Rams are going to lose 4 of their final 6 games. Eagles will win out, and be the 1 seed again, to repeat as Superbowl Champion!!!! Chiefs fan here. Would be happy with us in the SB. But if Brees won it all I wouldn’t even mind. He is the goat in my eyes.

2018 nfc south division champions hoodie

Saints v Steelers would be a dope super bowl. Two varied but high powered clutch offensive teams slugging it out. No reason Philadelphia shouldn’t be leading the East. If you ever want to teach someone what complacency is look no further. Should easily be 6-2 if not 7-1. If you told me 2 years ago that the Bears and Rams would be on top of their division, I would have laughed you to scorn and I’m a Rams fan!

Steelers back Rolling. 4 Straight. Tough games coming up though. Redskins and Bears are the weakest with Redskins at the bottom imo. Bears need to beat a Winning team to prove something. Too many Bears fans saying SB lol After beating the Jets n Bills