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The main reason that Deadpool has so many fans is not because of his strange ability or appearance, but his personality and mouth. Therefore, the fans of Deadpool hated the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, when Wade Wilson was covered from the beginning to the end. Even Ryan Renolds is not satisfied with the decision of the manufacturer.Deadpool nice hot cup of fuckoffee mug  Luckily, Fox corrected it in time by producing its own movie about this heterosexual mutant. Thanks to the amazing recovery ability, Wade Wilson could exist without a head. However, the head cannot grow back to the body, he can only attach two things together and wait until it heals. Once, Deadpool’s head used to be taken away by Nightcrawler far away and made this part of the world take a long time to get back together.

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Deadpool nice hot cup of fuckoffee mug 

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