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Some believe that Deadpool was born and raised in the United States. But the fact that, according to Marvel’s official website, Wade Wilson was born in a certain location in Canada. When he became a mercenary, Deadpool moved to the United States after rejecting a murder mission because he fell in love with the victim’s daughter. Before becoming Deadpool, Wade once dated a girl called Vanessa. In the early days of being a mercenary, both had a very passionate affair.Deadpool unicorn nice hot cup of fuckoffee mug  Wade even hoped that he and Vanessa would be together forever. Unfortunately, after discovering he had cancer, Wade broke up with Carlysle because he did not want to force her to live with a helpless person like him. Like Wade, Vanessa later joined the Weapon X program and was given the ability to mutant mutants to change their shape. From there, she also got the nickname CopyCat. Vanessa will appear in the movie Deadpool and is played by actress Morena Baccarin.

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Deadpool unicorn nice hot cup of fuckoffee mug

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