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The film was directed by Marc Forster based on the original Winnie-the-Pooh book by writer A.A. Milne. Besides Ewan McGregor star, Hayley Atwell starred in the role of Peggy of the Captain America franchise as Evelyn’s wife. Right from the beginning of the film, his friend Christopher had to work nonstop to sticking to the middle of the big turn in London, so neglect your family and forget your childhood friends.You must always remember winnie the pooh mug Those of us who never blindly follow the material values ​​of Pooh Bear recommend that we take the silence in our lives to enjoy simple pleasures, such as sleeping on a sunny hill or watching Look at the beautiful scenery passing through the train window. People are not machines, so they need to rest. Of course, do not understand doing nothing literally, ie passive, lazy, but understand that it is a flexible, wise attitude.

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You must always remember winnie the pooh mug

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